Rashida Joyce

People often ask me to share the secrets of my success. When they do, I know they’re searching for that one thing they can do to land the perfect job, win a promotion or turn their ideas into a profitable company.   I used to default to “hard work” as my answer. But, reflecting on my own success in both corporate America and as an entrepreneur, I can honestly tell you that mindset has played the most influential role in my life.

Great effort does not always guarantee great rewards

Becoming the youngest manager (I was 25) at an international, multi-million-dollar company did take hard work. There’s no doubt about it.  But plenty of people work as hard as I have and even harder for that matter. Great effort does not always guarantee great rewards.  Since that time, it has become plainly clear that what separates those who advance and those who struggle “stuck” is an entrepreneurial mentality.  Now, make no mistake. You don’t have to want to start or run your own business to strengthen or capitalize on an entrepreneur’s mentality.  The key is simply to think of yourself as a business—and market yourself as such.

As I have always been an entrepreneur….even when I was an employee

 For me, it began long before I landed the managerial position at 25.  I found that by conducting myself like a business with my employer as my client, things began to happen. I operated differently than colleagues and the right people started to notice. I gained respect and was considered for more challenging opportunities. Success bred more success and eventually, I was charged with the amazing task of creating and leading the firm’s international audit department.

Years later I began to think about how I could apply what I had learned over the years to help others. I broke down what worked for me and discovered that it all really came down to two main points:

  1. Creating and executing a strategy. This is key because lots of people have goals, but no idea how to attain them. Goals come in all shapes and sizes. But they all share one thing in common—the need for specific action plans with clearly identified steps to achieve them.
  1. Building a strong network. For access to rare and incredible opportunities (the 80% of jobs that are never advertised), you must be in touch with the right people who can aid you in mentorships, referrals and recommendations.

Success came fast for me because I quickly realized how to zero in on a plan and execute it.  Presenting myself as a business with skills and services my employer could not survive without had little to do with being the first one in and last one out or even rubbing elbows with the “right” people. It has everything to do with my ability to craft and execute a plan.

Today, I am thrilled to help clients —at all points in their careers—gain clarity on their goals and how to grab them. It is with great passion that I offer my customized coaching services to help professional woman shatter glass ceilings and have the careers of their dreams.