With over 100 million users there is a lot of opportunity on LinkedIn but there is also the problem of how to stand out. In this guide you will learn how to improve your visibility on LinkedIn so that you are able to achieve your own business objectives from the network.

The first step that you should take is to set your profile to public. If you have not enabled public searching then you are severely limiting your opportunities. You may have concerns about your privacy but if you are in business you need a way for potential clients, partners and customers to find you. You can set your profile to public searching in your account settings.

Next you should make public recommendations of other users in the network that you have worked with in the past and have an existing relationship with. Having recommendations from other people is an important part of graining credibility on the network. Also you will find that if you start making recommendations that in many if not most cases that person will recommend you also. This can open up the possibilities for your business on LinkedIn.

You don’t need to search for possible connections one at a time. A much better approach is to import your current business connections using their email address. If you are using common email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail you can transfer all of your connections at the same time. LinkedIn will take care of the rest and send out an invitation to all of those connections that you have uploaded.

If you want to gain more visibility on the network a very good way to achieve this is to start posting great content. If you share content for other people to read in your news feed then you will draw the attention of decision makers in your industry. You want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry and demonstrate that you are someone that is worth following. A great way to achieve this is to put together a simple PowerPoint presentation which details an important development in your industry. People are looking for easier ways to absorb the massive amount of information that they are confronted with and so if you make their life easier by presenting this information succinctly they will be grateful.

Joining LinkedIn groups is another good way of growing your presence on LinkedIn. There are groups on just about any topic and it is likely that for your industry there will be multiple groups. If you cannot find your own group you can always start your own. If you make your group membership only you will be in control over who can join and it will give your group an air of exclusivity. Even if you choose not to start your own group you can make your presence felt in other peoples groups by contributing valuable content that is useful for the members of that group.

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