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Instantly Improve Your Job Search List

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You are more than ready to land a dream job at a fabulous company.

I’m guessing you’ve spent some quality time updating your resume. And if you’re like most people, you’re hitting Google, Indeed and other popular job boards hard every day before shooting out a bunch of resumes to positions that sound interesting.  You’re feeling productive, so why isn’t anything happening?

It’s Not You….It’s Your Process

Here’s the bottom line. There’s a reason why you’re getting nowhere. And it has little to do with you or your desirability as a candidate. The error is in your methods. You’re spending time and energy on the wrong things. Believe it or not, the approach that virtually everybody uses to look for a job doesn’t work, especially if you’re a well-qualified woman looking for management level positions and beyond.

We all know that networking is an essential part of career advancement. But what most people don’t realize is… building killer connections is the key to landing those highly coveted jobs.  You can build mutually beneficial relationships with influential people in just a few weeks if you know how to do it.  That’s exactly what this breakthrough E-Course, Job Search Surge is all about!  Quickly build the ultimate job search list!  Instantly Improve Your Job Search Results!  Build a Powerful Network!  In just 2 Weeks!

When you establish and nurture relationships with the right people, you step first in line for the best opportunities, new positions and promotions.  Our simple blueprint shows you exactly how to create an effective strategy that enables you to connect with the right people and fill your job leads pipeline in just 14 days!

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Instantly get high-quality job leads. Take the guesswork out of relationship building. Gain access to the best positions that are NEVER ADVERTISED. Purchase this e-course and get:

  • Our exclusive step-by-step plan for connecting with decision makers and influencers in your industry.
  • Easy-to-use plug and play email templates for initial outreach, referrals, and follow up
  • The most effective secrets and hacks for finding email addresses for almost anyone
  • Best practices for securing face to face meetings with decision makers
  • The single best way to get top decision makers and influencers to say “yes”
  • How to use LinkedIn to get premium connections
  • What to do after you hear “yes” and how to nurture relationships for max value

At the end of this valuable e-course you will

  • be able to identify companies & people in your field to pursue
  • build a custom list of people to establish connections with
  • and have everything you need to foster relationships that will replenish your job search list grow & grow your career.

The Job Search Surge eCourse includes:

  • Quick video lessons
  • Simple worksheets to guide you through training
  • Sample planner for outreach emails and communication
  • Tools and resources
  • Email templates
  • Lifetime Access
  • And more!

Remember, 80% of the best jobs don’t get advertised! Start making incredible connections now for access to the best opportunities today and into the future.

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