I help online businesses INCREASE sales by effectively and powerfully pitching their services & offers

I Get It…

  • You are uncomfortable (maybe even terrified) with the idea of ‘selling’. 
  • You are AFRAID to charge high prices because you are afraid people will not buy.
  • You have tried everything, giving free tips, acting calm & chill, being more assertive, being funny (or at least trying to be)—but no matter what you can’t seem to get your perfect client to say YES
  • You know you are a rockstar at what you do. But you have no idea how to get your potential client to see it and you have a hard time closing sales


  • Knowing EXACTLY what you needed to do every day in order to make MONEY – without guessing or being overwhelmed.
  • Feeling CONFIDENT about what you are going to say and turning your prospects into paying clients because they KNOW you are the perfect person to hire. 
  • Selling more, more easily 
  • Having income-generating systems that afford you the emotional and financial FREEDOM to live the life you truly want to live.

Get the EXACT script I use to get an average 70% conversion rate!

Questions about working with me?

Fill free to email me at hello@rashidajoyce.com

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