Here is the thing…


Hi, I am Rashida Joyce and it is true… I was terrified of selling. And the times I did sell I would be so awkward that it made the client unsure if they wanted to work with me.  To be honest I would embarrass myself. 

 After trying everything and I mean everything to avoid selling I realized that if I wanted a successful business… I was going to have to learn how to sell effectively. 

So what did I decide to do… SELL EVERY DAY.  I sold my offers in my social media posts, videos, emails, consults calls, in-person, and anywhere else I could think of….and you know what happened.  I got REALLY REALLY  good at it. I tested and tried all types of strategies and tactics and I know the ones that ACTUALLY WORK. 

 And I want to help you accomplish the same thing.   I want to show you how to COMMAND sales with a high-converting consult call.

Get the EXACT script I use to get an average 70% conversion rate!

Questions about working with me?

Fill free to email me at

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